MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
MTS Vanquish
Technical data
NameMTS Vanquish
Call Sign2HFK5
ClassificationLloyd's Register of Shipping
Register Number9559573
Classification Hull100A1
Classification MachineryALMC
Service NotationsTug
Navigation NotationsUnrestricted Navigation
FlagUnited Kingdom
Port Of RegistryFalmouth
OwnerMTS Group Ltd.
United Kingdom
Anchor Weight360 kg
Anchor ChainCh 19.0 Q2
Anchor Chain Lenght137.5 m
Gross Tonnage269
Length29.24 m
Beam9.00 m
Depth4.40 m
Draft4.50 m
YardDamen Shipyards Galati
Yard No.511626
Bow Thruster1 Thruster 261 KW
Capacity Of Tanks Ballastwater27 m
Capacity Of Tanks Potable Water20.6 m
Capacity Of Tanks Fuel135 m
Capacity Of Tanks Lubricating Oil3.9 m
Capacity Of Tanks Hydraulic Oil1.5 m
Capacity Of Tanks Foam10 m
Capacity Of Tanks Avcat3.5 m
Bollard Pull68 ton
Towing Hook1 Mampaey 70 ton
Towing Equipment Aft1 DMT Split Drum Winch
Towing Wire Lenght Aft750 m
500 m
Towing Wire Diameter Aft48 mm
48 mm
Brake Holding Power Aft150 ton
Pull Aft35 ton
Pulling Speed Aft9.2 m/min
T-W Wire lenght30 m
T-W Pull8 ton
Stern Roller1
Stern Roller SWL35 ton
Deck Cranes SWL1 Heila HLM 25-2S Hydraulic Crane
1 Ned-Deck Marine 04-04-E Crane
Sail Area2.7 ton @ 8.60 m
1.200 kg
Engine ManufacturerCaterpillar Tractor Co.
No. Of Main Engines2
Model3516B TA HD/B
Building Year2011
Type EngineDiesel Engine, Four Stroke Single Action
Total Power3.542 KW
Starter TypeElectrical Starter
Number Of Cylinders16
Diameter Of Cylinders170 mm
Lenght Of Stroke210 mm
Main Engine Rated Speed1.600 rpm
Gearbox2 Reverse Reduction Gears
Reintjes WAF-873 7.455:1
Propeller2 Solid Propellers
Propeller Diameter2.650 mm
Propeller Rated Speed215 rpm
Propeller Blades3
Speed13.4 kn
Electric Installation Power214 KVA
Electric Installation Voltage400/230 V
Frequency50 Hz
Electric Generators2 Diesel Generators 107 KVA
Aux. Eng. 1 ManufacturerCaterpillar Tractor Co.
Aux. Eng. 1 ModelC4.4 TA
Aux. Eng. 1 Building Year2011
Aux. Eng. 1 Power93 KW
Aux. Eng. 1 No. Of Cil.4
Aux. Eng. 1 Diameter Of Cil.105 mm
Aux. Eng. 1 Lenght Of Stroke127 mm
Aux. Eng. 1 Rated Speed1.500 rpm
Aux. Eng. 2 ManufacturerCaterpillarTractor Co.
Aux. Eng. 2 ModelC4.4 TA
Aux. Eng. 2 Building Year2011
Aux. Eng. 2 Power93 KW
Aux. Eng. 2 No. Of Cil.4
Aux. Eng. 2 Diameter Of Cil.105 mm
Aux. Eng. 2 Lenght Of Stroke127 mm
Aux. Eng. 2 Rated Speed1.500 rpm
FiFi Monitors2 600m/hr
FiFi Pumps1 1.200 m/hr
FiFi Engine ManufacturerCaterpillar Tractor Co.
FiFi Engine Model3406E TA
FiFi Engine Building Year2011
FiFi Engine Power448 KW
FiFi Engine No. Of Cil.6
FiFi Engine Diameter Of Cil.137 mm
FiFi Engine Lenght Of Stroke152 mm
FiFi Engine Rated Speed2.100 rpm
Fuel Transfer Pump1 SIHI 32 m/hr
Water Transver Pump1 SIHI 32 m/hr
Fuel Oil Seperator1 Alfa Laval
Navigation and Communications1 Radar
1 Magnetic Compass
1 Gyro Compass
1 Autopilot
2 Electronic Chart Systems
1 Echo Sounder
1 SSB Radio
2 Handheld VHF
1 Navtex
1 Inmarsat-C
Ship Detail