SD Oceanspray
SD Oceanspray
SD Oceanspray
SD Oceanspray
SD Oceanspray
SD Oceanspray
Technical data
NameSD Oceanspray
TypeBunker Barge
ClassificationLloyd's Register of Shipping
Register Number9539784
Classification HullA1
Service NotationsBarge
Navigation NotationsInland Waterways
PropulsionNon Self Propelled Ship
FlagUnited Kingdom
Port Of RegistryLondon
OwnerSerco Marine Services Ltd.
United Kingdom
Anchor Weight720 kg
Anchor ChainCh 43.0 Q2
Length43.24 m
Beam15.24 m
Depth4.20 m
Draft3.20 m
YardMaaskant Shipyards
the Netherlands
Yard No.605
Continous Decks1
Capacity Of Tanks Potable Water16.8 m
Capacity Of Tanks Fuel521.1 m
Capacity Of Tanks Hydraulic Oil0.05 m
Capacity Of Tanks Dirty Oil0.2 m
Capacity Of Tanks Sewage6 m
Capacity Of Tanks Bilge Water2 m
Capacity Of Tanks Avcat251 m
Capacity Of Tanks Sullage246.2 m
Capacity Of Tanks Compensating Water515.3 m
Deck Cranes No.1 Heila HLM 20-2S Hydraulic Crane
Deck Cranes SWL1.05 ton @ 14.66 m
Electric Installation Power456 KVA
Electric Installation Voltage440/230 V
Frequency60 Hz
Electric Generators1 Diesel Generator 312 KVA
1 Diesel Generator 144 KVA
Aux. Eng. 1 ManufacturerCaterpillar Tractor Co.
Aux. Eng. 1 ModelC9 DI
Aux. Eng. 1 Building Year2009
Aux. Eng. 1 Power189 KW
Aux. Eng. 1 No. Of Cil.6
Aux. Eng. 1 Diameter Of Cil.112 mm
Aux. Eng. 1 Lenght Of Stroke149 mm
Aux. Eng. 1 Rated Speed1.800 rpm
Aux. 1 GeneratorLeroy Somer LSA M46.2L9 C6/4
Aux. Eng. 2 ManufacturerCaterpillar Tractor Co.
Aux. Eng. 2 ModelC4.4 DITA
Aux. Eng. 2 Building Year2009
Aux. Eng. 2 Power117.5 KW
Aux. Eng. 2 No. Of Cil.4
Aux. Eng. 2 Diameter Of Cil.105 mm
Aux. Eng. 2 Lenght Of Stroke127 mm
Aux. Eng. 2 Rated Speed1.800 rpm
Aux. 2 GeneratorLeroy Somer LSA M44.2M95 C6/4
Navigation and Communications1 Sailor RT-2048 VHF
1 Sailor SP-3520 Handheld VHF
Ship Detail