VOS Trapper
VOS Trapper
VOS Trapper
VOS Trapper
VOS Trapper
VOS Trapper
Technical data
NameVOS Trapper
TypeStandby Safety Vessel
Official Number13386
Call SignA8M02
ClassificationLloyd's Register of Shipping
Register Number9391921
Classification Hull100A1
Classification MachineryLMC
Service NotationsSafety Standby Vessel
Navigation NotationsUnrestricted Service
Port Of RegistryMonrovia
OwnerVroon Offshore Services B.V.
Den Helder
the Netherlands
Anchor Weight765 kg
Anchor ChainCh 30.0
Anchor Chain Lenght165 m
192.5 m
Gross Tonnage890
Net Tonnage255
Deadweight425 ton
Length48.20 m
Beam11.00 m
Depth5.50 m
Draft4.25 m
Airdraft17.78 m
YardMaaskant Shipyards
the Netherlands
Yard No.595
Watertight Bulkheads6
Continous Decks1
Bow Thruster1 Veth VLT400 Retractable Thruster 300 KW
Capacity Of Tanks Ballastwater166 m
Capacity Of Tanks Potable Water153 m
Capacity Of Tanks Fuel230 m
Capacity Of Tanks Lubricating Oil2.72 m
Capacity Of Tanks Hydraulic Oil0.65 m
Capacity Of Tanks Dirty Oil4.69 m
Capacity Of Tanks Sewage6.69 m
Capacity Of Tanks Bilge Water5.74 m
Deck Cranes No.1 Heila HLRM 45/4S
Deck Cranes SWL2.7 ton @ 12.87 m
Engine ManufacturerABC
No. Of Main Engines1
Building Year2007
Type EngineDiesel Engine, Four Stroke Single Action
Total Power1.325 KW
Starter TypeCompressed Air
Number Of Cylinders6
Diameter Of Cylinders256 mm
Lenght Of Stroke310 mm
Main Engine Rated Speed1.000 rpm
Gearbox1 Reverse Reduction Gear
Reintjes WAF 1163L 4.958 : 1
Propeller1 Solid Propeller
Propeller Diameter2.650 mm
Propeller Rated Speed202 rpm
Propeller Blades3
Speed13.8 kn
6.7 kn @ sec. Propulsion
Consumption2.500 ltr/24 hr
800 ltr/24 hr @ Guard Work
Port Consumption500 ltr/24 hr
Electric Installation Power1.195 KVA
Electric Installation Voltage440/220 V
Frequency60 Hz
Electric Generators2 Diesel Generators 550 KVA
1 Diesel Generator 95 KVA
Aux. Eng. 1 ManufacturerCaterpillar Tractor Co.
Aux. Eng. 1 ModelC18 TA
Aux. Eng. 1 Building Year2007
Aux. Eng. 1 Power339 KW
Aux. Eng. 1 No. Of Cil.6
Aux. Eng. 1 Diameter Of Cil.145 mm
Aux. Eng. 1 Lenght Of Stroke183 mm
Aux. Eng. 1 Rated Speed1.800 rpm
Aux. 1 GeneratorLeroy Sommers LSA M47.2M7 C 6/4
Aux. Eng. 2 ManufacturerCaterpillar Tractor Co.
Aux. Eng. 2 ModelC18 TA
Aux. Eng. 2 Building Year2007
Aux. Eng. 2 Power339 KW
Aux. Eng. 2 No. Of Cil.6
Aux. Eng. 2 Diameter Of Cil.145 mm
Aux. Eng. 2 Lenght Of Stroke183 mm
Aux. Eng. 2 Rated Speed1.800 rpm
Aux. 2 GeneratorLeroy Sommers LSA M47.2M7 C 6/4
Aux. Eng. 3 ManufacturerCaterpillar Tractor Co.
Aux. Eng. 3 ModelC4.4 TA
Aux. Eng. 3 Building Year2007
Aux. Eng. 3 Power78 KW
Aux. Eng. 3 No. Of Cil.4
Aux. Eng. 3 Diameter Of Cil.105 mm
Aux. Eng. 3 Lenght Of Stroke127 mm
Aux. Eng. 3 Rated Speed1.800 rpm
Aux. 3 GeneratorLeroy Somers LSA M44.2VS3 C6/4
CO2 FittedYes
Hydraulic-Power Plant1 Hydrauvision HPU Vessel 4711
Evaporator1 Promac Aquaset MN-5.5
Compressed Air Receivers Number2
Compressed Air Receivers Capacity 125 liter
Max Allowed Working Pressure33 bar
Bilge Pump1 Desmi VAC-2001
Fuel Transfer Pump1 Desmi GP66
1 Desmi GP26
Fuel Oil Seperator1 Alfa Laval MIB-303
Sewage Pump1 Desmi S-40-M
Navigation and Communications2 JRC J-NAV 500 DGPS Systems
1 JRC JFE 380/200 Echo Sounder
1 JRC JLN-205 Speedlog
1 JRC NCR-333 Navtex
1 JRC JAX-9A Weather Fax
1 JRC Fleet 33 Inmarsat Terminal
1 Alphatron Alphaminicourse Gyrocompass
1 Alphatron Seapilot
1 Alphatron MC Magnetic Compass System
2 Sailor RT5022 VHF
1 Sailor RT2048 VHF
1 Sailor System 4000 MF/HF Radio
2 Sailor TT3000E Inmarsat C
3 McMurdo GMDSS Handheld Portable VHF
2 McMurdo S4 SART
1 McMurdo E5 EPIRB
12 McMurdo PLB Personal Fast Finder
1 Icom ICM801 SSB Radio
1 Icom airband VHF
1 Obsermet Anemometer
1 Rhothea RT202 VHF Direction Finder
1 KVH Satellite Television System
1 Marble Automation MS-2180 Alarm & Monitoring System
1 Marble Automation MS-321 Emergency Telegraph System
1 Marble Automation MS-421 Bridge Watch Alarm
1 Marble Automation MS-921 RPM Meter
Ship Detail