Technical data
TypeOffshore and Support Vessel
Official Number36293-PEXT
Call SignHO4017
Port Of RegistryPanama
OwnerEvert Baijs
the Netherlands
Former Names UntilHoop van Zegen - LE 64: 1993
Pieternella - UK 42: 1999-12
Andries de Vries - UK 143: 2004
Gross Tonnage485
Net Tonnage145
Length42.02 m
Beam9.01 m
Depth5.10 m
Draft3.83 m
YardMaaskant Shipyards
the Netherlands
Yard No.404
Continous Decks1
Bow Thruster1 Jastram Thruster
Capacity Of Tanks Potable Water73 m
Capacity Of Tanks Fuel154 m
Capacity Of Tanks Lubricating Oil3 m
Engine ManufacturerKlckner Humboldt Deutz AG
No. Of Main Engines1
Building Year1992
Type EngineDiesel Engine, Four Stroke Single Action
Total Power1.471 KW
Starter TypeCompressed Air
Number Of Cylinders9
Diameter Of Cylinders240 mm
Lenght Of Stroke280 mm
Main Engine Rated Speed900 rpm
Gearbox1 Reverse Reduction Gear Reintjes
WAV 2660 5,944 : 1
Propeller1 Solid Propeller
Propeller Diameter3.000 mm
Propeller Rated Speed151 rpm
Propeller Blades4
Speed12.5 kn
Electric Installation Power290 KVA
Electric Installation Voltage380/220 V
Frequency50 Hz
Electric Generators2 Diesel Generators 125 KVA
1 Diesel Generator 40 KVA
Aux. Eng. 1 ManufacturerScania
Aux. Eng. 1 ModelDS11
Aux. Eng. 1 Building Year1982
Aux. Eng. 1 Power195 KW
Aux. Eng. 1 No. Of Cil.6
Aux. Eng. 1 Diameter Of Cil.127 mm
Aux. Eng. 1 Lenght Of Stroke145 mm
Aux. Eng. 1 Rated Speed1.500 rpm
Aux. 1 GeneratorIndar 280-M
Aux. Eng. 2 ManufacturerScania
Aux. Eng. 2 ModelDS11
Aux. Eng. 2 Building Year1982
Aux. Eng. 2 Power195 KW
Aux. Eng. 2 No. Of Cil.6
Aux. Eng. 2 Diameter Of Cil.127 mm
Aux. Eng. 2 Lenght Of Stroke145 mm
Aux. Eng. 2 Rated Speed1.500 rpm
Aux. 2 GeneratorIndar 280-M
Aux. Eng. 3 ManufacturerSisu Valmet
Aux. Eng. 3 Model411DG
Aux. Eng. 3 Building Year1982
Aux. Eng. 3 Power40 KW
Aux. Eng. 3 No. Of Cil.4
Aux. Eng. 3 Diameter Of Cil.108 mm
Aux. Eng. 3 Lenght Of Stroke120 mm
Aux. Eng. 3 Rated Speed1.500 rpm
Aux. 3 GeneratorIndar 255-S
Compressed Air Receivers Number2
Max Allowed Working Pressure30 bar
Fuel Oil Seperator1 Separator Westfalia
Lubrication Oil Seperator1 Separator Westfalia OTB 2-00-066
Navigation and Communications1 Magnetic Compass
1 Micro Technica Gyro Compass
1 Decca Bridgemaster CD 181/6 Radar
1 Decca Bridgemaster CD 252/6 Radar
1 Furuno GP70 GPS
1 Skipper 607 Echo Sounder
1 Sailor T 2031 Transmitter
1 Sailor R 2022 Receiver
1 Decca Speedlog
1 Rudder Indicator
1 Decca Autopilot
1 Sailor RT 2048 VHF
1 Sailor RT 2047 VHF
1 Furuno NX 500 Navtex
1 Magnavox MX 100 GPS
1 Decca BRX-3 DGPS
1 Sart
2 Handheld VHF
Ship Detail