Multratug 6
Multratug 6
Multratug 6
Multratug 6
Multratug 6
Multratug 6
Technical data
NameMultratug 6
Official Number34070
Call SignPCDX
ClassificationBureau Veritas
Register Number970N71
Classification HullClass I
Classification MachineryMACH
Service NotationsTug
Fire Fighting Ship
Navigation NotationsUnrestricted Navigation
Port Of RegistryTerneuzen
OwnerMultraship B.V.
the Netherlands
Former Names UntilGatcombe: 1997
Anchor ChainCH 25.5 Q2
Anchor Chain Lenght164.70 m
Gross Tonnage276
Net Tonnage82
Deadweight135 ton
Length29.96 m
Beam8.84 m
Depth4.87 m
Draft4.118 m
YardR. Dunston Ltd.
United Kingdom
Yard No.S874
Watertight Bulkheads6
Continous Decks1
Capacity Of Tanks Potable Water31.55 m
Capacity Of Tanks Fuel35.71 m
Capacity Of Tanks Lubricating Oil1.80 m
Capacity Of Tanks Bilge Water10 m
Bollard Pull40 ton
Towing Hook1
Engine ManufacturerMirrlees Blackstone
No. Of Main Engines1
Building Year1970
Type EngineDiesel Engine, Four Stroke Single Action
Total Power1.862 KW
Starter TypeCompressed Air
Number Of Cylinders6
Diameter Of Cylinders381 mm
Lenght Of Stroke457 mm
Main Engine Rated Speed525 rpm
Gearbox1 Reverse Reduction Gear
Propeller1 Solid Propeller
Propeller Rated Speed140 rpm
Propeller Blades4
Speed13 kn
Electric Installation Power242.5 KVA
Electric Installation Voltage440/220 V
Frequency50 Hz
Electric Generators1 Diesel Generator 100 KVA
1 Diesel Generator 92.5 KVA
1 Harbour Generator 50 KVA
Aux. Eng. 1 ManufacturerCummins
Aux. Eng. 1 Model6BT-5.9-G6M
Aux. Eng. 1 Power78 KW
Aux. Eng. 1 No. Of Cil.6
Aux. Eng. 1 Diameter Of Cil.102 mm
Aux. Eng. 1 Lenght Of Stroke120 mm
Aux. Eng. 1 Rated Speed1.500 rpm
Aux. Eng. 2 ManufacturerPerkins
Aux. Eng. 2 Model1797
Aux. Eng. 2 No. Of Cil.6
Aux. Eng. 2 Diameter Of Cil.105 mm
Aux. Eng. 2 Lenght Of Stroke127 mm
Aux. Eng. 2 Rated Speed1.500 rpm
Aux. Eng. 3 ManufacturerFord
Aux. Eng. 3 Model2722E
Aux. Eng. 3 Power56 KW
Aux. Eng. 3 No. Of Cil.4
Aux. Eng. 3 Diameter Of Cil.107 mm
Aux. Eng. 3 Lenght Of Stroke115 mm
Aux. Eng. 3 Rated Speed1.500 rpm
FiFi Monitors3
FiFi Pumps1 Merry Weather 900 m/hr
FiFi Engine ManufacturerCaterpillar Tractor Co.
FiFi Engine ModelD346
FiFi Engine Power323 KW
FiFi Engine No. Of Cil.8
FiFi Engine Diameter Of Cil.137 mm
FiFi Engine Lenght Of Stroke165 mm
FiFi Engine Rated Speed1.500 rpm
Navigation and Communications1 VHF
1 Navtex
1 Echo Sounder
1 Autopilot
1 Radar
Ship Detail